Friday, October 7, 2011

Wife's Favorite Number

Bodog online tournament - $6 "double-up"

My wife's favorite number is 37.  So whenever I go off to play poker, she always says "remember...3-7-all-in!".  I usually scoff and say "yeah, right".

But once in a while in a low stakes game, its fun to give 3-7 a shot, especially if its suited.

So in a Bodog online tournament yesterday, I got a 3-7 of diamonds and I decided to play.  The flop hit two diamonds, so I'm now on a flush draw.  I bet out and got called.  Again on the turn.  Another diamond comes on the river and I bet 1/4 of my stack.  I am called.  I lose to a guy with 5-5 because the board has 5,J,J, so he has a full house.  Oh well.

Then, just two or three hands later, I get 3-7 again!  This time they are both hearts.  Here we go again!  Low and behold, the flop comes with two hearts.  Deja Vu!  This time I get the final heart on the turn and I'm all in with my flush.  I get called by a guy holding top pair (Ace in hand, Ace on board).  My flush wins this time and I double up.

I guess hearts are better than diamonds...

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