Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy come, easy go

Harrah's Bounty Tournament

This tournament started out slowly, with the exception of one hand where I raised with pocket queens and got two all-ins behind me. They were both smaller stacks, so my life was not quite at stake, but it was a big decision. I called, and went up against KJ suited and pocket aces! Lucky for me a queen came on the board and no ace or king, so I knocked out two players and collected two bounties.

As the tournament went on, there was no good action for me and I got down to 3000 chips when the blinds were 600-1200 plus 100 ante. They say in poker all you need is a chip and a chair and that definitely turned out true at this time. I waited patiently for a good hand and finally went all in with pocket 9's. I had two callers who were looking for my bounty prize. They turned over pocket 7's and pocket 8's. Pretty funny! Anyway my nines held and I tripled up.

A few hands later I had jacks and went all in and was called by A-3 suited. These held up too and I doubled up after my triple-up.

One more big win came when I called an all-in after the flop with a flush draw. I didn't hit the flush but I did hit top pair and that was good enough. Collected another bounty.

I headed into the final table practically chip leader, after having been down to one desperation bet.

But easy come easy go. I soon lost it all in two hands: my pocket 8's against an all in with pocket Queens, and then pocket 5's against an all in with pocket 6's. The last one was particularly painful because I hit a set of 5's on the flop but he hit a set of 6's on the river, and I was done in 8th place.

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