Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun hands

Mirage Tournament

This tournament wasn't too exciting for me personally, but I got to watch a couple amazing hands that I was not a part of.

Hand 1: A guy goes all in with pocket jacks and another calls with pocket queens. The board comes Q-2-2 so he one guy has a full house and is sure to win. Then the turn: 2. Then the river: 2!!! The board shows four of a kind with a queen kicker and they chop the pot. The dealer says in 16 years of dealing poker he's never seen anything like that.

Hand 2: Later on at the final table, there's a hand between three big stacks, each with about 15000 in chips. After the turn, everyone is confident and there is raising and re-raising until finally they are all three all in. The board is showing 6-8-9-10 so all of us watching figure everyone's got a seven.

They showdown before the river and we see A-7 (a straight) with a nut flush draw in diamonds, another guy with a 7, and then a guy who turns over Q-J for the nut straight! The nut straight holds up when the river comes king of clubs. He now has about 60000 chips and the remaining 9 players all have about 60000 combined. He damn sure better win this thing (i didn't stick around to find out).

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