Saturday, October 15, 2011

All-ins called

Palace Hayward Saturday Tournament

Today's tournament was defined by three hands.

Hand 1: Had pocket eights, flopped a set.  My opponent hit a pair of 9's on the flop with an Ace kicker.  He called my all-in and I double up.  Was feeling pretty good, but it was still early.

Hand 2: Pocket aces!  I've learned not to slow play these too much, so I came out betting.  The same caller as Hand 1 called me pre-flop and on the flop.  He had Q-J and there was a 9-10 on the flop, so he was open ended.  The turn comes with an 8, so 8-9-10 on the board.  I figured I better go all in to chase away any straight draw hands, but this guy already has his straight!  So naturally he calls, and gets all his chips back that I won in Hand 1, plus more.  Time to re-buy for me.

Hand 3: Its later in the tournament, no more re-buys, blinds are getting big and my stack is starting to look small.  So I go all-in pre-flop with pocket 5's.  I'm called by pocket Jacks.  The flop comes... 6.... 5.... (yay, I'm celebrating my win already!), and then I see the Jack.  Damn, we both flop a set but his is higher.  Game over for me.

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