Saturday, October 8, 2011

Suck out with deuces

Bodog online $10 Sit n Go

Ok, this isn't all that unusual, but it happened twice in a row, and THAT is unusual...

I had only about 1/2 of my original stack left, so it was close to desperation time.  I got an K-2, so I went all in. I was called and the flop gave the other guy top pair, but it also gave me a another 2. The turn comes with another 2! I double up with my set of deuces.

Nice suckout, right? Then on the very next hand, I get A-2, and I go for it again. Same exact thing happens! I win with a set of deuces against the top pair.

After quadrupling my stack in two hands, I actually went on to finish first place in the tourney!

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