Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy chaser

Imperial Palace tourney

About 1/2 hour after starting with 4500 chips, I'm up to about 9000 thanks to a flopped top pair (King with my K-2) that turned into a runner runner kings full of 2's, and some guy calling me all the way to the river.

This time I have AJ off suit and I limp in for 200. The flop comes AJ of diamonds, so I flopped two pair. I know this can be dangerous because of the two diamonds, so I bet big...2000. This guy after me smooth calls. I'm still pretty sure my top two pair is ahead, and even more so after the turn is a low club. I bet 2000 again, but he still isn't scared away, he calls. The river comes 10 of diamonds.

This is where I should have checked, because he might have made his draw. But instead I bet 2000 again, and the lucky guy goes all in for another 2500.

I'm pot committed after all that betting, so I call and he turns over 9-3 of diamonds for a flush on the river.

I can't believe he chased a low flush draw all the way to the river against my big bets. Damn lucky bastard.

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