Friday, October 28, 2011

Four all-ins

I'm in Vegas this weekend, where they have poker tournaments starting every hour of every day. I intend to play as many as I can.

Today in my second tourney at Flamingo (busted early in the first at Caesars), I was at the final table with about 7 players remaining. From early position I raised 3X big blind with AJ suited, committing about half my stack.

Low and behold, three players behind me push all in. This is either going to be my big hand or the end for me.

I call, and everyone turns them over pre-flop, with two side pots. I'm up against A2, A6, and QQ. So its pretty much a lost cause, since there's only one more ace in the deck and the jack won't really help.

For a brief moment after the turn, I have a straight draw if the river comes an 8. But its a 6, and my goose is cooked. In fact all the short stacks are done, and the QQ guy is now far and away chip leader.

45 minutes til the next tourney starts.

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