Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bluff Called

Lucky Chances 1-2-2 no limit

After a few hours of uneventful poker where I was pretty much even, the hand comes that will be my downfall for the day:

My Stack: $160
My Position: button
My Cards: QQ

I raised the two limpers to $12 and both called.

Flop comes: K-9-9. 

Lead better bets $25.  Second position folds, and the action is on me.  I realize if this guy has a king or a 9, he's ahead.  But he looked like he was bluffing, and my two ladies had me feeling pretty confident, so I flat called and threw a look of confidence in his direction.

Turn comes: 6

He bets another $25, and I repeat the call, trying to look even more confident.

River comes: 2

By now he's a little afraid of me, so he checks.  I sieze this opportunity, thinking a push all in can scare him out.  I'm well aware that with two $25 bets, he may very well have a K or a 9 and have me beat.  So bluffing may be the only way to win this pot.

My all-in really does have him scared.  His stack is about $30 less than mine, so I have him covered.  He looks at me and asks me if I have A-K, to which I casually shrug my shoulders and say nothing.  He says "damn, I should not have been betting".  He definately feels as if he is beat and regrets his situation.

But, he doesn't lay it down, and instead calls my all in.  "There's too much in the pot to give up", he says.  Bummer for me. 

After his call, I say "if you've got a king you've got me beat" and he says "ya, I got a king!" as he turns over a KQ.  I sadly turn over my QQ and kiss about $130 goodbye.

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