Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flop a boat!

Harrahs tourney with bounty

I like this tourney because the starting stack is 8000 chips, about 5000 more than most others, and the blinds go up more slowly too. I tend to do better in these longer tournaments.

Somewhere fairly early on, I had 9-9 and raised 2x big blind and was called. The flop came 9-10-10! That was good enough to slow play so I checked, and another player went all in with about 7000. I of course called and she turned over A-10. Top set was not good enough to beat my boat and no ace came to save her, so I doubled up.

That put me in good position for the long haul, and I ended up finishing 7th out of about 30 players.

I really enjoyed the two guys to my left before the final table, because they folded to just about any bet, When the blinds got big I was able to steal a lot of blinds from them.

At one point at the final table, I got about eight straight hands with aces, with A-10 literally four times in a row, and a couple A-Qs. Everyone at the table was laughing as I kept showing my streak, but of course folks were also calling my bets and I got sucked out more than I won with them.

A-6 ended up being my downfall as I was up against A-Q and neither one of us hit the board.

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