Saturday, October 29, 2011

The long think

Imperial Palace 1-2 no limit

Sometimes, the pots can get really really big, even in a 1-2 game. In this one hand I got to watch, a guy kept trying to scare away his opponent with big bets. He had about $400 in his stack (its a $200 buy in) and his opponent had even more, about $600.

The board had a queen, two 6's, and some other nothing cards. The bettor's last big bet was $100, leaving him about $200 left, and the caller finally goes all in, so this will be an $800 pot if called.

Time to think, think, and think some more. The thinking went on for about five minutes, which is a LONG time when the action is on you. Everyone at the table was quiet and interested.

At one point, he asks, "if I fold, will you show"? This is a great question, because if the guy says yes it means he probably wants you to fold, meaning he might be weaker or bluffing. It's a tricky way to get some information that might help your decision. He says "no sir".

The guy folds anyway, and turns over A-Q, top pair with top kicker (plus the pair of sixes on the board).

The winner didn't have to show, but he does anyway, turning over Q-6 for a full house.

Nice lay down, but bummer about losing $200 as the aggressor.

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