Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why do people keep calling me with nothing?

Imperial Palace 1-2 no limit

After a couple hours of no good cards and slowing losing my blinds, I finally get a KJ and pair the board with my King (this is literally the best hand I've had in two hours). I have about $80 on the table and I raise a $20 bet to $40 and the guy calls. The turns comes an ace and he immediately goes all in. I figure he could be bluffing (there's been a lot of that going on at this table) and I only have about $40 left, so I call.

He turns over A-Q and busts me. But why did he call my $40 raise before the ace when he had nothing and I was representing (and had) the top pair?

So far this weekend in vegas, losing an early leading hand has been the story of my life. :(

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