Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aces cracked.....by Aces!

Today at Lucky Chances another amazing hand happened.  I've never seen pocket aces go up against pocket aces before, but it happened to me today during 1-1-2 No Limit.

I see my pocket aces while waiting to bet from one off the button.  There was a raise to 15 and four callers.

Knowing I'm ahead, I raise to 30.  There was a call behind me and then a guy who RE-RAISED me to 60.

Still knowing I'm ahead, its time to push all in.  I have $230 on the table, but I know I'm making a good bet.

He calls, and turns over HIS OWN pair of pocket aces.  Oh well, I guess we're gonna chop it.

Not so fast...

The flop comes 8-9-10....all spades.  I am the lucky holder of the ace of spades, so there is hope that I might run away with a flush.

7 of diamonds on the turn, and then....

6 of spades on the river!

Not only have I made my flush, but the board also made a straight, so two reasons we should have chopped but instead my flush takes it all!

I felt kinda bad, especially after celebrating the on the river, so I apologized to the guy who lost.  He took it all in stride though.  Nice guy.