Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blackjack Perfection

So the poker gods weren't with me today at Lucky Chances.  I lost my whole buy-in in less than an hour, thanks in part to a guy who called my pre-flop raise with 9-3 off-suit (who does that?!) and then he flopped a full house, 3's full of nines!

So I was steaming a bit, and left the table to go home, but decided to try re-couping some of my losses at the blackjack table first.   Yes, they have Blackjack at Lucky Chances.   Its just like Vegas Blackjack, but you play against a third-party banker and you pay a $1 fee to the house to provide "dealer services".

It wasn't long before I plopped down a $50 bet in an effort to make a fast buck before leaving.

I get dealt a 4-4 and the dealer has a 6 showing.  Split-em!

I get another 4.  Split-em again!  Now I have $150 on the table.  Not what I had planned.

On my first 4, I asked for a 7 and got it.   Double down!  I get a 8 and have 19.

On my second 4, I got a 6.  Double down again!  I get a 10 and have 20.

On my third 4, I got another 6.  Double down a third time!  I get an Ace for 21!

So I've got $300 on the table.  Definitely not what I planned and my wallet is now dry.

The dealer turns over a 10 for 16, and hits and gets a 10 for bust!

Jackpot, $300!  Time to go home.


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