Friday, August 9, 2013

Rack Attack Hilarity

At Lucky Chances in the afternoon they have "Rack Attacks".  Every 1/2 hour they draw a random table number and they add a rack of chips ($100) to the pot for the next hand.

So I'm at table 12 playing 1-1-2 no-limit, but at the moment I'm away from the table in the bathroom.  I hear the announcement for rack attack time, and "the next rack attack goes to lucky table number 12".  Quickly I rush back to my seat and they're just about to deal the hand.  Whew, I made it!

But the boss says to me (and me only): "you can play, but you have to win twice".  What?  Why?  He says "you have to be in your seat for the hand before the rack attack, otherwise if you win, the rack stays in the pot and you have to win it again on the next hand".

Its a silly rule that I don't understand, and I told him so.  "That sucks, dude, but whatever".

So I get dealt an A-4 off suit, and the flop comes 4-J-Q.  There is a bet and a raise before me, so I'm pretty sure my bottom pair is no good.  Not wanting to chase a rack that I would have to win twice, I go ahead and fold and save myself some money.

In the end the guy in seat 7 wins with two pair, Jacks and Queens.    All total the pot was over $250.

So then comes the next hand.  I look down, and I have pocket aces!  I make a modest raise, to like $8 or $10.

Then comes that lucky guy in seat 7.  He raises me to $40!  Now I am clearly ahead pre-flop, and I hate slow playing aces and getting them cracked.  So I go ALL IN.  I push $232 into the pot.  Surely he will fold.

Nope.  He calls.

Its just me and seat 7, so the dealer deals out the full board.  The highest card on the board is a Jack.  There are three clubs, so there's a possible flush.

Seat 7 turns over pocket Kings.  I turn over my pocket aces and double up my $232!

The whole table was laughing for at least 5 minutes after this hand.  "That guy took your rack!  Ha ha.  You hadn't even finished stacking it up!"

I guess I didn't actually need to win twice!

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