Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lucky chop chop

A little bit of bad luck turned good in a tournament today at the Palace in Hayward.

After I limp in with Q-9 and two players follow me, the flop comes K-9-9.  I know I've got a pretty good hand, so I bet 2BB hoping for a caller.  The guy after me goes all-in.  Hmmm....does he have a King?  or the other 9?  Even if he's got the other 9, I probably have him out kicked, so I still think I'm in pretty good shape and I call.  We have about the same number of chips, so one of us is about to get knocked out.

He turns over A-9.  One of only a couple possible hands that could be ahead of me at this point.  Groan!  I'm probably dead.

But then the turn comes and it's a King!  We both have 9's full of kings for a chop pot.

Went on to chop the final purse at the final 5 as well.

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