Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy players look good, then lose

In a tournament at The Palace in Hayward today, I got off to a good start thanks to this one hand.  There was a guy who was playing just about every hand early on.  His table image was HOT because he was winning just about all of them.  He had nearly double his starting chips after only about 30 minutes.  Many times when I got to see his cards he had good ones, but also he won a lot by betting people away from the pot.

Then there was another guy that was losing a lot of hands and was getting desperate.

So I get a hand of A-Q, and desperate guy before me goes all-in for about 1500 chips.  I have about 2500, and I was gonna just call, but instead I go all-in hoping to scare away the people after me, including crazy guy.  But crazy guy calls too!

(this is a bounty tournament, so you get $20 if you knock someone out).

Crazy guy turns over 5-7 suited!  Desperate guy turns over K-J off suit, and I show my A-Q off suit.

The flop comes with a 7 and it's not looking good for me, but then I hit the Ace on the river.  Crazy guy is pissed, but it's his own fault for calling against two all-ins with just a 5-7!

He was knocked out himself not too long after that.  I went on to chop at the final 5.

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