Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy, but funny.

I played some tournaments in Reno while passing through on a road trip.  A funny thing happened in a hand that I was not involved in, but it was fun to watch....

Guy #1 limps for 400 in and guy #2 raises the pot to 800.  Guy #1 in calls.

After the flop comes 2-4-6, Guy #1 bets out 2400, and guy #2 looks at him like he's crazy.  "What do you have?" he says, and Guy #1 looks at the board and replies "What do I have?  I have a 2-4....I called your pre-flop raise with a 2-4...ha...ha...".

Everyone laughs, because who in their right mind would do that?

The hand later ends in a showdown, and Guy #1 turns over 2-4 to win it with two pair.  He was telling the truth after all, but it sounded so ridiculous that he had to have been kidding, we all thought.

I'd say that guy was a lousy card player, but a pretty good poker player.  He knew how to play the mental game, but I would NEVER call a raise holding a 2-4!

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