Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anything Can Happen

Just played in a Bovada Triple-up Sit-and-go.  Nine players each start with 1500 chips.  The final three players triple their money.

After about 15 minutes I had gotten AA twice and KK once.  I won big with all of them, and had taken out three of the nine players at the table.  With 6 players left, I had over 6000 chips, almost as much as the rest of the table combined.

All I had to do is sit back and wait for the others to destroy eachother.  There's no way I could lose this one right?

Fast forward another 30 minutes.  We're down to four more to the money.  But oddly enough,  I am now the short stack.  Everyone else is passing the chips around the table and I am getting blinded off little by little by little.  I played a couple A-K or A-Q hands, but lost them too.


As short stack of 2000 and the blinds now up to 300/600, I get hit with the big blind and I pretty much have to make a desperation move.  I call an all-in from the small blind, with an unimpressive 9-J.  He beats me with pocket deuces and I'm done in fouth place.

Can't believe I lost this one.

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