Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chop or Gamble? Gamble FTW!

Palace Hayward bounty tournament 11/6/11

After having just spent a long weekend losing in Vegas, I returned to the local card room where I play tournaments every weekend.  I was feeling a little reckless this particular morning, I guess because I didn't feel well and didn't mind if I went home early today.

That worked out to my advantage early on, when I went all-in with a flush draw against a guy with a huge stack (8-10 times mine) who I knew would call.  Luckily I hit the flush on the river and doubled up.

Later in the tournament I had a couple suck outs where I went in with a pair, ended up against an over pair, end wound up hitting my set.  I was enjoying one of the other guys at the table because he would call just about everything, and since I usually don't play with mediocre hands, I was winning a lot from him every time I bet against him.

It eventually got down to the final three, so I was in the money.  After all the bounties (of which I won none), the price money was $700, $300, and $90 on a $90 entry fee.  There was a proposal on the table from the chip leader to chop where he gets $500 me and the other guy split the remainder for $295 each.

I was feeling cocky, so I said no thanks, let's play a few more hands.

On the very next hand, I got pocket threes and went all in.  I was called by the short stack (only slightly shorter than mine, same guy who was calling all my bets earlier).  This could likely be a bad ending filled with regret, and I knew it.

He turns over pocket 9's, and I knew it didn't look good for me.

As the board unfolded, there was nothing there for me....until.....the river comes a 3!  Once again I hit my set and take the dude out...and then there were two...

Now I was willing to talk deal.  Me and the other guy now had about equal stacks, though I was slightly ahead.  He was up for a 50/50 chop so I took it.  I know these heads-up games can go on for a while and neither of us had enough of an advantage to mean anything.

So we split the money $500 a piece, and I technically took first place since I had more chips!  Hooray, finally a win!!!

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