Saturday, August 18, 2012

Same Damn Guy!

Like many tournaments, at the Palace Hayward if you bust out you can buy back in with a new entry .fee.

Today, early on I had about half my stack left, and the chance came to double up, so I jumped on it.   From the big blind I checked my 5-6 and got to see the flop after other players limped.

The flop was 7-8-9 and I had my straight.  I checked, hoping for a bettor, and the guy to my left bet a medium amount.  I pushed all in and he called.  He turns over 9-9 so my straight was ahead of his set of nines.  Onlookers started saying "uh oh...pair the board".  The turn was a 5, but then the river a second 7!

Damn, that second 7 gave him a full house and I was dead with my straight.

I bought a second tournament entry.

I little later I doubled up when I pushed all-in with A-8 and got called by Q-Q.  This time my luck was better when I flopped a boat with A-A-8.  That was fun...

But then later I was at the final table and got seated again next to the same guy who took me out earlier.  This time, I'm small blind and everyone folds to me.  I have Q-J so I try to steal with a min-raise, and the big blind calls.

I check in the dark, and the flop comes Q-10-7.  So I have top pair.  The guy pushes all in with more chips than I have.  It was a tough call because my kicker was not the highest.  I feared he had A-Q.

But I called anyway, and he turns over pocket 5's.  Cool, I'm ahead again.

The turn comes 5 and he makes a set.  No third queen on the river.

Damn, the same damn guy sucks out on me again and my day is over.

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